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Sex Offender Randy Lande Blames Attack on Sexsomnia | News

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Sex Offender Randy Lande Blames Attack on Sexsomnia

Randy Lande is in jail awaiting trial after being charged with forced sodomy and kidnapping an eight-year-old girl. Lande is accused of so brutally raping the young girl that she needed surgery.

Lande's son shared some jailhouse letters that reveal Lande's bizarre defense.

In the letters, Lande tells his family he loves them and misses them and says the charges will be dropped and they'll be together again soon. He says his defense for the rape charge is sexsomnia.

"When he's asleep, it's sort of dreaming, but acting it out in reality, sort of like sleep walking," said Corey Lande, son. "It's just another way for him to put off the blame and responsibility for things he's done."

In another letter, Lande asks his son to help him do research for his defense.

"I don't see where he gets the nerve to ask me to do that for him," Corey Lande said. "I don't talk to him. He threatened to subpoena me to get me to do that for him. That's outlandish."

Randy Lande was a registered sex offender and spent time in prison for raping a child years ago. Until the recent charges in February, Corey Lande believed his dad was getting his life straightened out.

"No classes are going to fix him," Corey Lande said. "The only place for him is jail. All he does is damage peoples' lives."

When Randy Lande was arrested, Corey Lande discovered his dad hadn't paid the rent. Corey was going to school and didn't have a job.

"The landlord was coming after us for the back rent that he owed," Lande said.

He's worried the landlord will take him to court for money he doesn't have. He says it's all because of his father, who has brought him nothing but trouble.

"I don't want anything to do with him," Lande said "I hope he goes to jail for the rest of his life for the things he's done. He needs to be held accountable."

Randy Lande's case has sparked protests outside the Jackson County Courthouse, demanding changes to Missouri's sex offender laws.

Members of a Facebook group called "Justice for the Victims of Randy Lande" are angry that a Cass County judge released Lande from prison after a 120-day evaluation period after he was charged with molesting a girl 20 years ago.

They say that laws need to change to protect kids from sexual predators.


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