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Joe’s Weather Blog: Rain Chances/Frost Opportunity/Snow?

I’ve spent the past week or so out in the wine country of California. Sonoma and Napa in particular. It’s been a wonderful time with lots of sampling and some great(!) weather…but the folks out here are very much in tune with the drought. Restaurants are not serving water unless you specifically ask them too and the agricultural interests here are most concerned. At first glance things appear pretty green. The mountain sides and the grasses/vines in the vineyards look about the same…but when you talk to the wineries about their water situation they have major concerns. Their retaining ponds and the creeks that feed them are very low and it doesn’t promise to get a lot better as the rainy season comes to a close.

They’ve had serious droughts out here before and a couple of years ago it was too much water creating headaches for the vineyards…

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Tallgrass Creek Residents/Staff Rescue Four Kittens

Tallgrass Creek Residents/Staff Rescue Four Kittens

OVERLAND PARK, KS (April 21, 2014) -- A litter of four kittens -- two males and two females -- has been rescued by residents and staff at Talllgrass Creek retirement community in Overland Park. The kittens are said by a local veterinarian to be four weeks old. They are now being cared for as they seek their forever homes.

The kitten rescue has been a  labor of love:

A resident, pediatrician Dr. Don Blim, noticed the kittens yesterday and promptly notified security officer David Gregory, who then notified the Front Desk, which notified Sales Director Deborah Messmer, a lifelong animal lover who happened to be Manager on Duty for the day.

Residents and staff surrounded the kittens -- "oohing and aahing" over them in lobby.

Construction of New 87-Apartment Home Building Underway at Tallgrass Creek

OVERLAND PARK, KS (April 21, 2014) – Tallgrass Creek retirement community today announced the addition of Meadowlark Terrace, its new residence building now under construction with 87 apartment homes in 10 new floor plans that vary in size and style from luxury two-bedrooms to more modest one-bedrooms. Seventy-five percent of the new apartment homes are already reserved. Information can be obtained by calling 913-897-2700 or 1-800-893-3118.  

Tallgrass Creek considered feedback about the individual apartment homes when designing Meadowlark Terrace, which will officially open late 2014.  Lantz-Boggio is the architect.

Family shocked, desire to visit suspected highway shooter in jail

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Edward Whitaker says he’s extremely shocked to hear his son, Mohammed Whitaker, is now in jail and charged as the suspected highway shooter.

“I’ve been seeing stuff on the news,” said Whitaker over the phone to FOX 4’s Robert Townsend.

He said he saw the month-long news coverage of the string of highway shootings in the Kansas City area, but had no idea police arrested his 27-year-old son on Thursday until a newspaper reporter contacted him.

“I got a call from a newspaper yesterday about something, asked me about the license plates on a vehicle,” he said.

Cavity in dental coverage in Missouri could be filled

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Missourians on Medicaid haven’t had dental coverage since 2005. Now the legislature appears ready to fill that cavity.

Dabbie Johnson has no teeth. Sixteen badly decayed ones were pulled in recent months at Seton Center’s dental clinic.

“It affects everything — getting a job, the way people judge you,” said the 35-year-old Kansas City woman.

She believes some teeth would have been saved if she’d had dental coverage under Medicaid. It was eliminated by Missouri lawmakers in 2005.

“I suffered. I suffered a lot because there was only the emergency room and, you know, after a while the emergency room got tired of seeing me because I didn’t make it to dental ’cause I didn’t have the money to afford it,” said Johnson.

KCPD Chief: Highway shootings suspect in custody

GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Kansas City, Mo. Police Chief Darryl Forte tweeted late on Thursday afternoon that a suspect from the highway shootings is in custody.

The arrest comes about a week after police had connected 12 of approximately 20 highway shootings in an investigation that stretched as far back as 2013. FOX 4′s Eric Burke reports from the scene in Grandview that police aren’t saying much right now, but more details are expected to be released at about 7:30 on Thursday night.

FOX 4′s Megan Brilley had a chance to speak with Chief Forte as the news broke.

Neighbor hailed a hero after rescuing toddlers from burning apartment

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Neighbors at one Independence apartment complex are calling 50-year-old Michael Thomas a “hero.” FOX 4′s Robert Townsend talked to Thomas about how he rescued two toddlers just in the nick of time!